Why EF-2001 Strain?

Preserving Health

“Heat-killed EF-2001” and Immune Regulation

EF-2001 lactic acid bacteria are Enterococcus faecalis EF-2001 and are patented by BeRM co., Ltd. There are many kinds of lactic acid bacteria. Research has shown that EF-2001 lactic acid bacteria have the significantly higher immune activation capacity compared to Lactobacillus and Bifidum in yoghurt.


Based on this feature, BRM Group obtained a patent for EF-2001 lactic acid bacteria in 2001 as a Biological Response Modifier. Also, the quality is excellent because they carry out the immune activation test at every production process with OK432(PICIBANIL), a immunomodulatory drug and release only accepted products

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Why Heat-killed Probiotics over Live Probiotics?

Our high-dosage concentration technic and EF-2001 strain selection enabled production of 7.5 trillion probiotics: the highest probiotic concentration in the world (Normal Commercial Probiotics number range from 1~100 billion cfu). Considering these factors, our Heat-killed probiotics are apt for Functional & Pharmaceutical use.

What are the determinants of good probiotics?

Two factors determine the quality of probiotics: The type of strain and concentration technology. Strains that have a higher immune activation capacity result in a more balanced immune system. Probiotics produced with advanced concentration technology are able to reach increased contact rates to biological receptors which helps maintains homeostasis(healthy state). EF-2001 satisfies both qualities resulting in a high quality probiotics end product.

750 bottles

1g of Enterococcus faecalis is equivalent to drinking 750 bottles of commercial yogurt

Importance of High Concentration

According to Weizmann Institute of Science, there are around 30~40 trillion microorganisms building up our gut microbiota whereas the number of M cells (the cell that activates mucosal immunity) are limited around 30~40 in 8m of small intestine. Higher contact rate as possible of probiotics with these M cells is essential for M cell immune mechanism. Therefore, high-dosage is vital for immune activation.