40 Years of Technology Data

Chairman Message

The keyword of Healthy Life is ‘Creating Healthy White Blood Cells’. BeRM Group have studied food materials that help to promote the function of white blood cells from 1980s.


In 1995, we discovered lactic acid bacteria, EF-2001, that contains BRM(Biological Response Modifier) which is strongly linked to human health. We put it on the market as ‘BRM Lactic acid bacteria EF-2001’ and received a lot of support from people who care about their health. With the goals of healthy eating habits and a beautiful life, we will continue to carry out our research in the future.


Iwasa Toshiro, Chairman of BeRM

Looking into the Future

By utilizing 40 years of the microbial genome utilization technology data, we produce antimicrobial peptides which is a natural antibiotic. Produced natural antibiotics are manufactured into livestock feed and aquaculture feed. We are in a progress of building a high-tech facility for mass-production of antimicrobial peptides livestock feed and aquaculture feed. In 2018, we initiated development of disease treatment agent for anti-cancer and immuno-inflammatory diseases.

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Japan Patent No. 3151442
EF-2001 patented as “BRM modifier”
“The business involving high Technology”
Nominated by Korean Government
Food Safety System Certification 22000
Global Certification Scheme
The International Patent Application in 2017
Pharmaceutical compositions for muscle atrophy