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The World’s Most Powerful Probiotics

In recent years, medical and pharmaceutical researchers have identified foods that promote white blood cell function not previously known to nutritional science. Attention is being given to biological response modifiers (BRMs) as a new, health-sustaining food product.

Our company discovered the BRM-containing lactococcus EF-2001 and as pioneers, we continually strive to be the best in the field.


Biological Response



Nutrient Source for White Blood Cells

Heat-Killed Enterococcus Faecalis EF-2001 is the world’s highest concentration lactic acid bacteria contatining more than 7.5 trillion bacteria per 1g.

Heat-Killed Enterococcus Faecalis EF-2001 is non-perishable since it is a stabilized form of lactic bacteria through Heat Treatment

Heat-Killed Enterococcus Faecalis EF-2001 has no side effects. EF-2001 is pure lactic acid bateria additives free.


Quality Control : Product Potency

Only products that have a potency of at least 70% of that of the pharmaceutical product are marketed.


Highest Concentration More Probiotics

1g of Enterococcus faecalis is equivalent to drinking 750 bottles of commercial yogurt

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